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United States

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Modem L1/physical Firmware Engineer - IoT Products


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San Jose, CA, United States 


Analytics, Azure, Big Data Analytics, Big Data BI, Big Data Sales, DataWarehouse, Embedded System Programmer, Hadoop, Hardware Product Manager, IOT NetworkEngineer, IOT UI Designeer, Java Developer, Machine Learning, Python, QlikView, Tableau, SPSS, Sustainability, TERADATA, Web Analytics

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Job Description:

  • AS, L1/PHY firmware engineer you will be responsible for development and integration of the modem Physical Layer (PHY) firmware for Cellular IoT product

    Skills Required :

    - Understanding and experience in wireless modem technology, preferably cellular modems and related technologies

    - All-around player, capable of understanding and even functioning at lower (algorithm, DSP) and higher (PHY control firmware) layers of the solution

    - Typical engineering skills - problem solving, pragmatic approach, broad system view

    - Experience with developing real time modem code running on RISC machine (MIPS, ARM, ARC) and controlling and scheduling of RF and BB ICs

    - Experience developing and debugging code with and without RTOS

    - Good understanding of fixed point concept and trade-offs

    - Experience in power consumption optimization at system-level and implementation in software


Job Requirements:

Responsibilities :

- Embedded firmware programming in Cellular IoT modem product. Development, integration, testing and maintenance of the L1/PHY code

- Definition of the firmware architecture, mapping to SW/HW elements

- Real time and other KPI study and analysis

- Mapping the proposed modem algorithms, 3GPP and platform requirements into firmware components

- Contribution to the algorithmic concepts, fixed point implementation and other system aspects of the modem

- Defining software APIs with lower (DSP) and upper (L2 and above) software

- Involvement in the next generation platform definition and architecture based on your accumulated experience in the area of programming and testing

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